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Omega 3's

Omegas 3’s are mostly found in Fish oil, krill oil and Flax Seed oil. Unfortunately, almost every American is lacking in Omega 3’s due to the society we live in. We eat foods that deplete Omega 3’s from our body and that are overly high in Omega 6’s. Omegas 3’s are essential fatty acids; they are considered the healthy fats, the fats our bodies need. Omegas 6’s are so overly abundant in our diet that it is essential we balance the Omega 3: Omega 6 ratio by consuming more Omega 3 fatty acids.

Some of the benefits of incorporating Omega 3’s in your diet include:

          1. Heart health
          2. Reduced Inflammation
          3. Brain food
          4. Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s
          5. Good for your skin
          6. Lower Blood pressure
          7. Natural blood thinner
          8. Lower Cholesterol
          9. Lowers triglycerides
          10. Helps prevent cancer

Some of my favorite supplements for Omega 3’s include Neptunes Krill oil, Metagenics 6:1 and Carlson’s fish oil.


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